How to become a user

To become a public user and access RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) image products, you need to register for an Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS) account.

Public users from non-federal government organizations, industry and academia wishing to view RCM image products, over and above those available to the general public on the EODMS, can then apply to become vetted users. They will also have to go through a security screening process. Successful applicants will be granted an account that aims to provide increased access to archived RCM image products.

How to apply for a vetted user account

The Government of Canada is currently accepting applications for vetted user accounts from provincial and territorial governments, Canadian academia and other Canadian non-government entities, including industry. This is the initial phase of applications. During a subsequent phase, applications will open up to international entities. Please check this webpage for updates on when the international application process will be opened.

Vetted user accounts will be issued to one point of contact per organization. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is currently holding consultations regarding the application process and the obligations of points of contact at universities. We will be sharing additional information here as it becomes available. For industry, the point of contact will usually be someone in a trusted role with knowledge of geospatial data. The designated point of contact will submit all image product access requests within EODMS, download and distribute image products within their organization, and fulfill the obligations set out in Appendix C of the application "Instructions to Points of Contact."

To apply for a vetted user account, the point of contact must complete an electronic form.

All applications will be reviewed by the CSA and/or Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Please note that as we are in the early phase of the vetting process, it is not possible to confirm any timeline for vetted user application approval. GAC is the ultimate authority on vetted user account acceptance.

For all questions regarding the application form, please contact the CSA at

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