Previous Mission News

Date Source Title Language
2013-05-10 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - May 3-9, 2013 English
2013-05-06 Music Monday with Chris Hadfield across Canada English
2013-05-05 Singalong from space hosted by astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-05-04 Les astres s'alignent pour les geeks French
2013-05-03 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - April 26-May 2, 2013 English
2013-05-02 Island schools to join out-of-this-world singalong with Chris Hadfield English
2013-05-02 Don't like the new money? We can help English
2013-05-02 New look for Nuit blanche English
2013-05-02 Space is the frontier of our ultimate dreams English
2013-05-02 Unveiling exhibit, Hadfield sends first Canadarm 'last command' from space English
2013-05-02 Canadarm on display: Space shuttle robot arm unveiled at Canadian museum English
2013-05-01 Making contact. Rankin students speak to astronaut on space station English
2013-05-01 Bank of Canada enlists astronaut Chris Hadfield to launch new polymer bills English
2013-05-01 Students eager to share space with Canadian astronaut English
2013-04-30 Chris Hadfield honoured for helping public understand science English
2013-04-30 Chris Hadfield dévoile les nouveaux billets de banque French
2013-04-29 Directement de l'espace avec l'astronaute Chris Hadfield French
2013-04-26 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - April 19-25, 2013 English
2013-04-24 Ground Control To Colonel Chris - Meet The Coolest Guy In Outer Space English
2013-04-24 Chris Hadfield's Snapshots from Space English
2013-04-23 Chris Hadfield releases stunning video of a washcloth in space English
2013-04-23 Snowbirds from space English
2013-04-22 Chris Hadfield Explains Photography from Space English
2013-04-22 Hadfield down to Earth English
2013-04-22 Astronaut Chris Hadfield Explains How to Take Pictures of Earth from Space English
2013-04-22 Everybody loves Chris Hadfield English
2013-04-22 Earth Day In Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Marks Holiday Aboard ISS English
2013-04-22 Astronaut Chris Hadfield chats live with Halifax students English
2013-04-22 Chris Hadfield 'wistful' as space mission drawing to an end English
2013-04-22 L'ONF s'envole avec Chris Hadfield French
2013-04-21 Life in zero gravity with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-04-18 Incredible Demonstration of Fluid Dynamics in Zero-G English
2013-04-18 Spacewalk Preps and Communications Upgrade on Station English
2013-04-18 Ottawa students connect with astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-04-18 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - April 12-18, 2013 English
2013-04-17 Wringing out Water on the ISS - for Science! English
2013-04-16 Astronaut Chris Hadfield to perform experiment from space prepared by N.S. students English
2013-04-16 Canadian astronaut performs students' winning experiment English
2013-04-16 Chris Hadfield performs winning experiment for N.S. students English
2013-04-13 Ground control to Cmdr Chris English
2013-04-12 Shannon Corregan: Tweets from space are cool for all of us English
2013-04-12 The Man Who Tweeted Earth English
2013-04-11 Here's what happens when you cry in space English
2013-04-11 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - April 5-11, 2013 English
2013-04-10 Ongoing Science Work and Spacewalk Preps For Station Crew English
2013-04-09 Astronaut Chris Hadfield connects with Edmonton students from space English
2013-04-09 Chris Hadfield Edmonton Talk Also First Tweetup In Western Canada English
2013-04-09 ‘Ultimate space ambassador’ gives Edmonton students an out-of-this-world experience English
2013-04-09 Edmonton students swap tweets with space station English
2013-04-09 Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield live chats from space with students at the Telus World of Science English
2013-04-08 Des élèves de Black Lake échangeront avec le commandant Chris Hadfield French
2013-04-08 What being in space does to your tears English
2013-04-08 Crew Starts Week With Robotics, Spacewalk Preps English
2013-04-08 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will talk to kids from space English
2013-04-04 ISS Orbit Readjusted Ahead of Crew Departure English
2013-04-04 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - March 29-April 4, 2013 English
2013-04-01 Astronaut Catches Alien on Space Station in April Fools' Prank English
2013-03-31 Happy Easter Sunday from the ISS ! Crew Hunts Easter Eggs & Goodies English
2013-03-29 Vol express vers la Station spatiale internationale French
2013-03-28 Next space station crew launches on fast track English
2013-03-28 Chris Hadfield: the man with the world's best perspective English
2013-03-28 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - March 22-28, 2013 English
2013-03-27 Station Crew Conducts Science; New Crewmates Launching Thursday English
2013-03-26 SpaceX brings home Dragon with 2,700 pounds of cargo English
2013-03-26 Chris Hadfield en orbite avec Radio-Canada French
2013-03-26 L'astronaute Chris Hadfield enchante les élèves de l'école Des Cardinaux French
2013-03-25 Space has a New Public Relations Manager English
2013-03-25 Dragon capsule set for return to Earth English
2013-03-24 This Week: Dragon Down; Soyuz Up to ISS English
2013-03-24 Chris Hadfield captures Earth Hour from space English
2013-03-23 Chris Hadfield Reminds Everyone About "Earth Hour" By Tweeting Pics of Cities From Space English
2013-03-22 SpaceX Dragon Ready for Return to Earth English
2013-03-21 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - March 15-21, 2013 English
2013-03-19 Commander Hadfield's Son, Evan, Helps Bring Space To Earth English
2013-03-19 Dragon Prepares to Leave, New Station Crew Trio Prepares to Launch English
2013-03-19 Coupures en recherche: Chris Hadfield réagit French
2013-03-18 Chris Hadfield awed by ‘inevitable power’ of Earth English
2013-03-18 In space, Chris Hadfield doesn't want to waste time on sleep English
2013-03-18 L'école Des Cardinaux entrera en contact avec l'espace Français
2013-03-17 Chris Hadfield celebrates Ireland in space English
2013-03-15 Chris Hadfield discute avec Stephen Harper depuis l'espace French
2013-03-15 Replay Harper's live chat with astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-03-15 Canadian Space Agency Prime Minister Speaks with Chris Hadfield English
2013-03-14 Chris Hadfield's photos from space mapped by Nova Scotia teacher English
2013-03-14 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - March 8-14, 2013 English
2013-03-13 Chris Hadfield est maintenant aux commandes French
2013-03-13 Hadfield takes command of International Space Station English
2013-03-13 Hadfield makes history as first Canadian ISS commander English
2013-03-13 Prepped 'for years,' Chris Hadfield takes over space station command English
2013-03-13 Canadian Space Agency Statement by Chris Hadfield, first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station English
2013-03-11 En direct de l'espace : Chris Hadfield communique avec des élèves d'Airdrie French
2013-03-11 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield teaches Airdrie students from International Space Station English
2013-03-08 Station Crew Overhauls Air Revitalization System Hardware English
2013-03-08 Next space station-bound crew flying fast track to orbiting outpost English
2013-03-08 Space tourism: Chris Hadfield on the final travel frontier English
2013-03-08 Chris Hadfield to hold video call from space with Alberta students English
2013-03-07 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield speaks from space to Stonepark students English
2013-03-07 International Space Station prepares for new crew members English
2013-03-07 NASA TV Coverage Planned For Space Station Soyuz Landing English
2013-03-07 Robotics and Colloid Science for Station Crew English
2013-03-07 Chris Hadfield learns to fly English
2013-03-07 Harper requests questions for live chat with Chris Hadfield English
2013-03-07 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - February 28-March 7, 2013 English
2013-03-07 Un iPad utilisé comme téléprompteur dans l'espace French
2013-03-07 Astronaut tweets Chicago photo from space English
2013-03-06 Chris Hadfield answers reader questions English
2013-03-06 Station Crew Focuses on Science, Departure Preps English
2013-03-06 NASA releases footage of SpaceX Dragon capture English
2013-03-06 Chris Hadfield On The Rick Mercer Report: Space Taxes? English
2013-03-06 Astronaut takes breathtaking photo of Manila from space English
2013-03-06 BCHS students to get visit from space English
2013-03-05 Astronauts testing Canadian-made diagnostic device English
2013-03-05 Departure Preps and Dragon Cargo Ops Aboard Station English
2013-03-05 Monrovia Students Talk to Astronauts in Space English
2013-03-05 Des croustilles de pommes en orbite French
2013-03-05 Les astronautes testeront un appareil de diagnostic conçu au Québec French
2013-03-05 Quotable astronaut Chris Hadfield inspires stellar art English
2013-03-04 Dragon supply ship arrives at space station after shaky start English
2013-03-04 Chris Hadfield's Portrait By Alberta Artist Receives Compliment From Space English
2013-03-03 SpaceX capsule arrives at space station English
2013-03-03 SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule docks at International Space Station English
2013-03-03 Dragon cargo ship reaches destination after shaky start English
2013-03-03 Dragon capsule docks at space station English
2013-03-01 SpaceX rocket survives rocky launch English
2013-03-01 Lead Increment Scientist's Highlights for the Week of Feb. 18, 2013 English
2013-03-01 Chris Hadfield calls prospect of soon commanding ISS 'surreal' English
2013-02-28 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - February 23-28, 2013 English
2013-02-27 False Alarm Aboard Station, Science and Emergency Training for Crew English
2013-02-26 CSA and ESA's Biolab on The International Space Station English
2013-02-26 Robotics, Research and Dragon Arrival Preps for Station Crew English
2013-02-25 Chris Hadfield answers your questions from space English
2013-02-24 Sarnia native organized successful live-chat English
2013-02-22 Une petite chanson pour l'homme, une grande symphonie pour la galaxie French
2013-02-22 1st Google+ 'Hangout' in Space Connects Astronauts with Earth English
2013-02-22 Chris Hadfield discute avec Gino Chouinard French
2013-02-22 NASA's Live Google+ Hangout with the International Space Station: When, Where and How to Participate English
2013-02-21 Sarnia native's tweets are popular fixture in social media English
2013-02-21 Soyuz Seat Checks and Station Reboost for Upcoming Crew Change English
2013-02-21 Irish language Tweeter Chris Hadfield plans to visit Dublin upon return from space English
2013-02-21 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - February 16-22, 2013 English
2013-02-20 Astronauts on the ISS Have Trouble With Work-Life Balance, Too English
2013-02-20 L'animateur de «Salut, bonjour!» discutera avec Chris Hadfield depuis l'espace French
2013-02-19 La NASA perd le contact avec la SSI pendant quelques heures French
2013-02-19 Photos et anecdotes : Chris Hadfield livre un témoignage saisissant de la vie à bord de l'ISS French
2013-02-19 La Presse Chris Hadfield, l'astronaute chantant French
2013-02-19 Reddit: L'astronaute Chris Hadfield a répondu aux internautes depuis l'espace French
2013-02-18 Toronto Star Chris Hadfield answers earthlings' Reddit questions from space English
2013-02-18 Chris Hadfield Gives Cooking Demonstration From The ISS English
2013-02-18 Five Highlights From Commander Chris Hadfield's Reddit AMA From Space English
2013-02-18 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield chats with Reddit users, describes experience English
2013-02-17 Reporters Invited to International Space Station Social Media Event English
2013-02-17 Chris Hadfield says mutinies are 'kept to a minimum' aboard the Space Station in Ask Me Anything on Reddit English
2013-02-17 Astronaut Chris Hadfield Answers Reddit's Questions From Orbit English
2013-02-16 Station Crew Wraps Up Week With Robotics English
2013-02-15 The Lethbridge Herald Meteor sneaks in under the radar, catches Hadfield off guard on space station English
2013-02-15 University of Waterloo holds out-of-this-world chat with astronaut Hadfield English
2013-02-15 Q&A: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-02-14 Hadfield to chat with UW students Friday English
2013-02-14 Emergency Drill, Robotics on Station English
2013-02-14 NAEC Students connect with Canadian astronaut English
2013-02-14 UofW to host live space-to-ground chat with Canadian astronaut English
2013-02-14 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - February 9-15, 2013 English
2013-02-13 Station Crew Opens Cargo Craft Hatch English
2013-02-13 Depuis l'espace, il raconte sa vie sur Twitter French
2013-02-13 World's first song ever composed and (partly) performed IN SPACE! English
2013-02-13 Chris Hadfield speaks to Winnipeg students from space English
2013-02-13 It's cool to get excited about space again English
2013-02-12 Inspiring: Space Jam of Is Somebody Singing? English
2013-02-12 Ottawa Citizen Spotting Chris Hadfield English
2013-02-12 Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Earth-bound rocker perform rare duet English
2013-02-11 Bye-Bye Moonwalks; Hello Tweets by Stephen Strauss English
2013-02-11 Lead Increment Scientist's Highlights For The Week of Jan. 28, 2013 English
2013-02-10 ISS's Chris Hadfield Premieres a Song, Chats with Captain Kirk English
2013-02-10 Astronaut Sends Chinese New Year Greetings from Space English
2013-02-10 Sarnia astronaut Chris Hadfield unable to get a clear picture of hometown English
2013-02-10 Astronaut Chris Hadfield sends Chinese New Year greetings from space English
2013-02-08 Space rocks: Ed Robertson, Chris Hadfield collaborate on song English
2013-02-08 National Post Chris Hadfield chats with Captain Kirk from space English
2013-02-08 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - February 1-8, 2013 English
2013-02-08 Canadian Space Agency Chris Hadfield answers questions from young musicians of the Toronto Royal Conservatory English
2013-02-08 The 13 Coolest Things Commander Chris Hadfield Has Done In Space .. So Far English
2013-02-07 Chris Hadfield and William Shatner of Star Trek delight space fans with live chat English
2013-02-07 'Star Trek' Actor William Shatner Calls Astronaut in Space (Video) English
2013-02-07 Le « capitaine Kirk » discute avec l'astronaute canadien Chris Hadfield French
2013-02-07 Canadian astronaut calls Hadfield 'a wonderful spokesperson' for agency English
2013-02-07 Le capitaine Kirk discute avec Chris Hadfield French
2013-02-07 Chris Hadfield, Barenaked Ladies song from space premieres English
2013-02-07 Captain Kirk calls Chris Hadfield at space station English
2013-02-07 Star Trek 'Captain Kirk' to Real-Time Space Chat with Commander Hadfield English
2013-02-06 Chris Hadfield rocks from afar with Ed Robertson English
2013-02-06 Chris Hadfield Talks About How ISS Bio-Samples Help Osteoporosis Research English
2013-02-06 Canadian Space Agency Hadfield tweets with Starfleet English
2013-02-05 Ask astronaut Chris Hadfield a question English
2013-02-05 Astronaut in Space Opens Hailing Frequencies for William Shatner Thursday English
2013-02-05 Real-life Captain Kirk to be beamed up English
2013-02-04 Chris Hadfield shows washing hands and cutting nails no easy feat in space English
2013-02-04 Captain Kirk to chat with Chris Hadfield during CSA Tweetup English
2013-02-04 Astronaut's artistry hits warp speed English
2013-02-04 The real-life 'Captain Kirk' is about to be beamed up to space (by phone) English
2013-02-04 La Presse William Shatner parlera à Chris Hadfield dans l'espace French
2013-02-03 Astronaut Demonstrates the Bizarre Experience of Living in Space English
2013-02-01 Hadfield brings science down to Earth for kids English
2013-01-31 The Western Star Students on top of the world about prospect of chatting with Hadfield English
2013-01-31 Station Crew Works with Robonaut, Performs Maintenance and Experiments English
2013-01-31 Lasers beam ISS data to Earth on heels of recent NASA LRO demonstration English
2013-01-31 CNN – What's happening on the space station? English
2013-01-31 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - January 25-31, 2013 English
2013-01-31 Calgary Looking Awesome... From Space English
2013-01-30 Chris Hadfield Speaks to Students at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum English
2013-01-30 Science, Maintenance and Robotics on Station Wednesday English
2013-01-30 Des étoiles plein les yeux pour des élèves d'Ottawa French
2013-01-30 Governor General & students speak with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-01-29 Science Experiments for Crew Inside, Robotics Ops Outside Station English
2013-01-27 Aquarius at Risk English
2013-01-26 Astronaut's photos from space make him an Internet star English
2013-01-26 Astronaut Chris Hadfield hopes to inspire young Canadians English
2013-01-25 Québec vue de l'espace French
2013-01-25 Chris Hadfield connects from space English
2013-01-25 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - January 18-24, 2013 English
2013-01-24 Medical Research and Science Inside Station, Robotic Testing Outside English
2013-01-23 Noctilucent Clouds Imaged by Astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-01-23 Another view: Hadfield blazes trail in space English
2013-01-23 Station Crew Participates in Spinal Study English
2013-01-22 Station Crew Participates in Research, Telemedicine English
2013-01-22 Astronaut's Video Reveals Secret of Zero-G Fingernail Clipping English
2013-01-22 Canada AM CTVNews Leafs lose home opener; Chris Hadfield drops puck from space English
2013-01-20 Chris Hadfield inspires the next generation of would-be astronauts: Editorial English
2013-01-17 Chris Hadfield talks from space with school kids English
2013-01-17 Chris Hadfield speaks live from space station to kids at Milton school named for him English
2013-01-17 Chris Hadfield Speaks to Students at Chris Hadfield Public School English
2013-01-17 Chris Hadfield delights students from space English
2013-01-17 Chris Hadfield talks from space to Ontario students English
2013-01-17 Canadian Space Agency CSA Mission Blog - January 11-17, 2013 English
2013-01-15 The Richmond Review Canadian astronaut takes photo of Richmond from space English
2013-01-14 Vancouver Photo from Space Thanks to Astronaut Chris Hadfield English
2013-01-14 Mount Pearl cadets have out-of-this-world experience English
2013-01-11 Journal Métro Allô la Terre, ici @Cmdr_Hadfield French
2013-01-10 Toronto Star Astronaut Chris Hadfield becomes star in space English
2013-01-10 Times Colonist Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield maintains unwavering support for Maple Leafs English
2013-01-10 The Chris Hadfield: A star is born (in space) English
2013-01-10 Space Rock Star: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Becoming Canadian Celebrity English
2013-01-10 Ottawa Citizen Hadfield likes his long stay in space English
2013-01-10 National Post Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield explains why he likes the Leafs so much English
2013-01-10 MacLeans Astronaut delves into world conflicts during news conference from space station English
2013-01-10 La Presse Chris Hadfield prône la solidarité planétaire French
2013-01-10 Canadian Press A @Cmdr_Hadfield Storify English
2013-01-10 Calgary Herald Astronaut Hadfield doubles on toilet patrol English
2013-01-08 HalifaxNewsNet Amateur radio connects students with astronaut in space English
2013-01-08 HalifaxNewsNet A gift of music English
2013-01-07 Astronaut Chris Hadfield gets panned after supporting Leafs from space station ( English
2013-01-07 Chris Hadfield regarde le monde d'en haut et en plus il le tweete French
2013-01-07 Edmonton Journal Astronaut Chris Hadfield gets panned after supporting Leafs from space station (Edmonton Journal) English
2013-01-07 CityTV Canadian astronaut inspires students through Twitter English
2013-01-07 Star Trek: Chris Hadfield communique avec l'Enterprise French
2013-01-06 The Chronicle Herald Astronaut, students share final frontier English
2013-01-06 L'Acadie Nouvelle La Péninsule acadienne vue de l'espace! French
2013-01-05 The Gazette Hadfield tweets inside story from outer space English
2013-01-04 The Telegram An uncle in orbit English
2013-01-04 Station Crew Wraps Up Robonaut Testing English
2013-01-03 William Shatner, Astronaut Chris Hadfield Have Brief Twitter Exchange English
2013-01-02 Waterloo Region Record A view of Waterloo Region, from the International Space Station English
2013-01-02 Chris Hadfield: Back In Space With A Rockin' Mission Patch English
2013-01-02 Ottawa Citizen Astronaut Chris Hadfield snaps holiday pics of Ottawa from 400 km in space English
2013-01-02 Robotics for Station Crew English
2013-01-02 St. John's, as seen from space English
2013-01-01 The Chronicle Herald Canadian Hadfield looks forward to productive year in space English
2013-01-01 Canadian Experiment to Focus on the Deadliest Radiation English
2013-01-01 Chris Hadfield transmet ses voeux depuis l'espace French
2012-12-27 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to record music in space English
2012-12-27 Le Soleil Un peu de Québec dans l'espace French
2012-12-26 Sciences Marries Art: Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield to Play Music From Space English
2012-12-26 Édition Beauce 232 enfants dans le rétroviseur de Chris Hadfield French
2012-12-26 Christmas was out of this world! Astronaut crew celebrate the holidays in zero gravity on the International Space Station English
2012-12-25 Astronauts celebrate Christmas on space station English
2012-12-24 National Post From far above, a proud moment for Canada English
2012-12-22 Windsor Star 'Crazy dragster' takes astronauts to work on ISS English
2012-12-21 The Lethbridge Herald Astronaut Chris Hadfield's son asks for pony during space station linkup English
2012-12-21 The Chronicle Herald Capsule bearing Canadian astronaut docks at International Space Station English
2012-12-21 Hadfield and Crewmates Welcomed Aboard the International Space Station English
2012-12-21 Soyuz capsule docks to the International Space Station English
2012-12-21 Chris Hadfield arrive à la SSI French
2012-12-21 La Presse Chris Hadfield s'installe à la station spatiale internationale French
2012-12-20 3 New Crewmembers to Arrive at Space Station Friday English
2012-12-20 Leader-Post Hadfield blasts off for space station stint English
2012-12-20 Le Devoir L'astronaute Chris Hadfield en route pour un séjour de cinq mois dans l'espace French
2012-12-20 La Voix de la Russie ISS : pas le temps de penser à « la fin du monde » French
2012-12-20 La Presse Expériences canadiennes dans l'espace French
2012-12-20 CBC News Chris Hadfield: Following the dream English
2012-12-19 Winnipeg Free Press Students' experiment to take off English
2012-12-19 Canadian Chris Hadfield heads into space for 3rd time English
2012-12-19 Toronto Star Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield: 5 things to know English
2012-12-19 TVA Nouvelles Chris Hadfield décolle pour la Station spatiale internationale French
2012-12-19 The Star Astronaut Chris Hadfield out of this world English
2012-12-19 The Globe and Mail Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield launches into space on five-month mission English
2012-12-19 Chris Hadfield Begins Mission of a Lifetime with Launch to the ISS English
2012-12-19 Chris Hadfield en route vers la SSI French
2012-12-19 Chris Hadfield est en route pour la Station spatiale internationale French
2012-12-19 Ottawa Citizen Canada's Hadfield headed for five-month space station rendezvous English
2012-12-19 Le Soleil Mission historique pour l'astronaute Canadien Chris Hadfield French
2012-12-19 Mission historique pour Chris Hadfield French
2012-12-19 La Presse canadienne/ Métro Montréal L'astronaute Chris Hadfield s'est envolé French
2012-12-19 Huffington Post Québec/La Presse canadienne L'astronaute canadien Chris Hadfield a décollé pour un séjour de 5 mois dans l'espace French
2012-12-19 Discovery Daily Planet (interview with Chris Hadfield starting at 1:48) English
2012-12-19 CBC News What is it like to live on the International Space Station? English
2012-12-19 CBC News How to spot the International Space Station from Canada English
2012-12-19 Agence QMI/Canoë.ca Séjour de cinq mois dans l'espace – Succès du décollage de Chris Hadfield French
2012-12-19 Le canadien Chris Hadfield a décollé pour la Station spatiale internationale French
2012-12-19 24 heures en 60 minutes, Chris Hadfield dans l'espace French
2012-12-18 Toronto Star Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to lift off on six month mission to space station English
2012-12-18 The Guardian Stonepark space odyssey English
2012-12-18 Video Chris Hadfield : bientôt dans l'espace French
2012-12-18 Chris Hadfield: The Soyuz Experience English
2012-12-18 AFP/Yahoo Soyuz craft prepares for journey to space station English
2012-12-17 TVA Nouvelles - International Aux commandes de la Station spatiale internationale - Le grand jour approche pour Chris Hadfield French
2012-12-17 The Globe and Mail Soyuz in place for Chris Hadfield mission to space station English
2012-12-17 The Chronicle Herald Russians ready Soyuz craft for launch Wednesday English
2012-12-17 Chris Hadfield : la capsule Soyouz est prête pour le voyage French
2012-12-17 Le Journal de Montréal Chris Hadfield sera aux commandes French
2012-12-17 Chris Hadfield taking new song into orbit English
2012-12-17 CBC The Man, the Mission and the Music English
2012-12-16 RDI matin week-end Chris Hadfield dans l'espace (RDI matin week-end) French
2012-12-14 Leader Post The magic, good and bad, of life in orbit English
2012-12-13 Canadian Space Agency Russian Soyuz Vehicle set to launch with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard English
2012-12-12 Yahoo! Canada News Astronaut Chris Hadfield calls space 'an amazing place to be' English
2012-12-12 Times Columnist Third mission in space, another first for Hadfield English
2012-12-12 The Huffington Post Space Food: Canadian Treats Accompany Chris Hadfield To International Space Station English
2012-12-12 Canadian Astronaut Will Strum Christmas Carols in Space English
2012-12-11 Universe Today How To Train for a Mission to the ISS: Medical Mayhem English
2012-12-11 The Observer Chris Hadfield to snap updated picture of Sarnia from International Space Station English
2012-12-11 The Globe and Mail Hadfield calls command of space station a 'thrill,' 'challenge' English
2012-12-11 The Gazette Good news: If the world ends next week, one Canadian will live to tell the tale English
2012-12-11 Macleans Astronaut Chris Hadfield readies for mission of a lifetime English
2012-12-11 CBC News Chris Hadfield puts Canadian stamp on space mission English
2012-12-10 Universe Today How to Train for Long-Duration Spaceflight, with Chris Hadfield English
2012-12-07 Chris Hadfield ready for 'surreal' space station odyssey English
2012-12-06 Hadfield looks forward to 'land of magic' English
2012-12-06 Next space station crew to write history for Canada English
2012-12-05 Winnipeg Free Press Canadian astronaut packs new wedding ring in his luggage for space station trip English
2012-11-01 Canadian Space Agency Movember Flies High - Emblem travels with Astronaut Chris Hadfield to the International Space Station English
2012-09-14 Canadian Space Agency Canadian Space Science Challenge will Blast a School's Science Experiment Into Orbit - Chris Hadfield to Perform Winning Experiment in Space English
2012-09-06 Canadian Space Agency Chris Hadfield is Getting Ready to Take Commands of International Space Station - Crew News Conference English
2012-09-05 Canadian Space Agency Accreditation for the launch in Kazakhstan – Expedition 34/35 with Chris Hadfield English
2012-08-29 Canadian Space Agency Montreal Band Simple Plan Launches their "Astronaut" into Space English
2012-08-28 Canadian Space Agency Winning Canadian Foods to Fly in Space English
2012-06-06 Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Chris Hadfield invites Canadians to get involved in his next space mission! English
2012-05-07 Canadian Space Agency CBC Music, Coalition for Music Education and Canadian Space Agency Take Music to New Heights English