Geospace Observatory (GO) Canada Announcement of Opportunity

List of Contribution Agreements

These contribution agreements aim to support operation and collection of data from scientific instruments that probe space above Canada, to better understand the impact of space weather on Canadian infrastructure. More specifically, Canadian scientists from these respective universities will use instruments such as magnetometers, radars, radio equipment and special cameras to study the ionosphere above Canada.

The following projects were selected to receive a contribution agreement from the Canadian Space Agency. This list includes the amount awarded to each project and name of the projects.

University PROJECT NAME Total

University of Alberta

Faculty of Science
Sandra Robertson
Communications Manager
Telephone: 780-492-6226

CARISMA Magnetic Induction Coils and Next Generation Autonomous Magnetometer Array $730,000
CARISMA Magnetometer Array $730,000

Athabasca University

John O'Brien
Manager, Communications and Media Relations
Telephone: 403-298-2931

Athabasca University THEMIS UCLA Magnetometer Network Extension $400,000

University of Calgary

Faculty of Science
Marie-Helene Thibeault
Director, Marketing and Communications
Telephone: 403.220.7056

Array for Broadband Observations of VLF/ELF Emissions $400,000
Geospace Observatory for Protons in the Auroral Zone $400,000
Geospace Observatory for Imaging Riometer Information Systems and Riometer Array $730,000
Redline Auroral Geospace Observatory and Auroral Geospace Observatory $730,000

University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

Kelsey Seymour
Communication Officer.
Telephone: 506-458-7969

Dynamics of the Neutral Thermosphere $400,000
Arctic Ionosphere Monitoring Digital Ionosonde Array and Extended GPS Receiver Array $730,000

University of Saskatchewan

Office of the VP Research
Kathryn Warden
Director, Research Profile and Impact
Telephone: 306-966-2506

Saskatoon, Inuvik & Prince George
Super DARN radars
Total $6,249,999