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Let us bring space to your classroom, and encourage your students' interest in science, math and technology.

Canada from Space Giant Floor Map

As of September 2014, the Canada from Space Giant Floor Map will make its debut in Canadian classrooms. Students across the country will have the opportunity to deepen their awareness and understanding of the key role Earth Observation satellites play in their daily lives.

With the Canada from Space Giant Floor Map, they will learn, for instance, how pollution and natural disasters impact our country, the importance of monitoring Canada's arctic ice for northern communities, and how resources can be better managed thanks to Earth Observation. They will also strengthen their geographical knowledge by locating unique images of Canada on the map, taken by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield when he was aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The Canada from Space Giant Floor Map is a collaboration between the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Teachers can reserve the map through the Canadian Geographic Education website.


Since 2001, over 2 million students have taken part in Tomatosphere, a space research project in which classrooms grow tomato seeds to learn about exciting world of science, space exploration, food and nutrition.

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Bring space science into the classroom with two 3D educational resources

Educational Ressource: Planting the Seed for Space Exploration
Educational Ressource: [Re]action - Trajectories to Learning

Designed specifically for classrooms, the Canadian Space Agency's 3D education resources have been developed on an interactive platform that simulates the experience of flying on a Soyuz spacecraft and living and working on the International Space Station. Students will learn about science through the eyes of their virtual avatars, with the guidance of astronaut Chris Hadfield.

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