Inviting an astronaut or a speaker

Please be advised that our program is full for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year. It will therefore not be possible to book additional speaking engagements (in-person or virtual) with the Canadian Space Agency Astronauts. Thank you for your understanding.

Canadian Space Agency astronauts

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronauts David Saint-Jacques (left) and Jeremy Hansen take part in an event at CSA HQ in July 2011. (Credit: CSA)

It is the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) mandate to inspire the future generations of Canadians to study and pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. What better way to do this than through our astronauts, David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen, who are fantastic speakers and great role models for young and old alike.

In addition to our two astronauts, CSA Speakers Bureau is fortunate to have a team of knowledgeable scientific experts and engineers who are highly skilled at presenting to school children, universities or professional organizations.

If you would like to invite David, Jeremy or one of our experts to speak at an event or school, you must submit a formal request.

To help us serve you better, please read the "What you need to know" section that follows, then submit the invitation form at least two months, but not more than six months before the event. The CSA carefully evaluates all requests and you will receive a reply within six to eight weeks on average.

What you need to know

  • The CSA receives many invitations for its two astronauts each month. We make every effort to reach Canadians across the country through virtual and in-person speaking engagements. However, logistical and time constraints, as well as schedules, often prevent us from accepting invitations.
  • Even if you know an employee or an astronaut personally, you must fill out the speaker invitation form.
  • Speakers' schedules are always subject to last-minute changes, which may require us to substitute a speaker or, in rare instances, cancel previously accepted public engagements. Should this occur, we will notify you as early as possible and we will make every effort to find an alternate speaker. However, we strongly suggest that you have a back-up presenter for your event.
  • All publicity developed for your event (including media advisories, press releases and ads) must be approved in advance of their release by the CSA.

Honorarium, Travel Costs and Ethics

  • Following the CSA Public Affairs guidelines and the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service, representatives of the Government of Canada (including astronauts) are not authorized to participate in fundraising campaigns, support charitable organizations or lend their names to sponsorship activities.
  • Conflict of interest guidelines prevent CSA employees from receiving any fees or remuneration for public engagements. Furthermore, all travel expenses from and to Houston, Texas, where our astronauts are based, will be assumed by the CSA.
  • The CSA does not accept invitations from professional speakers bureaus or agencies, or events that are commercial or for-profit in nature.

Fill out the invitation form

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**Speaking requests for Chris Hadfield**

Chris Hadfield retired from the CSA on July 3, 2013. For events and media, please write to